Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please Inventory Your Software and Operating System CD/DVDs

If you haven’t done so already, sometime after you read this Good Boot I want you to inventory your software program and Operating System CD/DVD’s. When you have done so I hope you’ll be able to answer yes to all of the following questions.

1. I have my original XP or Vista OEM (original equipment manufacturer) CD/DVD?
2. I have a copy of my XP or Vista OEM CD/DVD stored in a secure preferably off site location?
3. If I have an OEM XP or Vista "Recovery CD/DVD", it has a "non-destructive recovery" option which backs up data before reinstalling the Operating System.

Note: If you experience a catastrophic system failure many Recover Disks simply reformat your hard drive and then reinstall the original manufacturers’ configuration of your computer. Your data is lost.

4. I have an original and copy of all my software program CD/DVD’s.
5. I’ve used a felt tip pen to write the serial numbers of my software programs and Operating System on their respective CD/DVD’s.

Note: Do not use sticky labels on a CD/DVD. If they come loose they can trash your CD/DVD player.

6. I have copied all my downloaded programs to a CD/DVD and made note of their serial numbers.
7. I have a copy of the most recent "full" version CD/DVD with its serial number of my software program updates that require a full version CD/DVD as proof of purchase.
8. I’m aware of the software companies e.g., Adobe that require I physically deactivate a program on the computer on which it’s currently installed before I can install and activate it on an alternative computer.

The reason for this little exercise is of late I’ve been receiving an unusual number of troubled Good Booters who discovered to their dismay they could not find their software program CD/DVD’s or copies of their downloaded software programs to install when they purchased a new computer or had to reinstall after their operating system crashed.

I’ll wage if you totaled up the cost of all your software programs you’d be shocked at how much it would cost if you had to replace them.

One last suggestion. When you make a CD/DVD copy of a software program or Operating System, be sure to test it. You do not have to go through the entire install. Just make sure it starts the install and will accept your serial number. Then exit.

Here’s wishing you a Good Boot.

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