Monday, June 13, 2011

In this part 13 of my Windows 7 tutorial I’ll begin a tour of Windows Explorer.

For those who organized their Windows Explorer viewing options as I instructed last week, your Windows Explorer view should include from top to bottom:
Address bar, Menu bar, Organize Bar, Favorites (to include Desktop, Downloads, and Recent Places), Desktop (to include Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos), Home Group, and then an on down complete view of all your Windows Explorer subfolders.

If by chance you do not see the subfolders of your ‘Favorites’ and ‘Desktop’ folder, simply pass your pointer over the folder(s), highlighting them and click on the little white triangles to their left. The triangles will turn black and open their subfolders. To close a subfolder click on the black triangle.

Let’s begin our Windows Explorer adventure with the Address bar.

On the left side of your Windows Explorer highlight Libraries and click on its white triangle to open its subfolders. Now do the same to open ‘Documents’ and ‘My Documents’ as well as a folder of your choice in your ‘My Documents’.

Notice how the names of the folders you’ve opened appear in your Address Bar.

By clicking on any:
Address Bar folder name, you’ll be taken back to that folder.
Little black triangle to the right of any Address Bar folder name, a drop down list of its subfolders opens. Click on any one of the drop down subfolders and it’ll open and appear in the Address Bar.

Should you want to search for something in any folder listed in the Address Bar click on the folder name in the Address bar. That folder name will appear in the ‘Search Bar’ to the right of the Address Bar’. Type in what you want to search for. If it’s found, you’ll be taken to it and its location will appear on the Address Bar.

Note the little down triangle between the ‘Forward’ arrow and the Address Bar. Click on it and a list of all your recent visitation locations (pages) will appear. Click on anyone of them to return to that folder or search location.

FYI: I’ll be covering Windows 7's Windows’ Explorer in future Good Boots. But if you’ve time for a Windows 7 Explorer cram course, know that on July 14th at 6:00 PM at Lee Memorial Hospital Auditorium on Cleveland Avenue, I’ll be dedicating my entire seminar to all of Windows 7's Windows Explorer features . No registration necessary - first come first seated.

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