Saturday, April 09, 2011


Do you frequently have to type the same lengthy phrases? Ever wish you could add different signatures to e-mail sent from different accounts? You can save considerable keystrokes by installing PhraseExpress, a freeware auto-complete utility that automatically inserts text when you type simple abbreviations.

For example, suppose you often end your e-mails with, “Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.” With PhraseExpress, you could simply type “tft,” and the program would automatically insert the full text in its place. For custom signatures, you could use the abbreviations “sig1,” “sig2,” and so on, and PhraseExpress will insert the appropriate signature.

The software works in any application. To create a new phrase, just copy any selected text to the clipboard, then click the PhraseExpress icon in the System Tray. You can create an AutoText tag like the above examples or simply assign a hotkey.

PhraseExpress also includes a global spell-check feature and a clipboard history tool (which stores all recent clipboard entries, not just the most recent one). It can even import existing AutoCorrect entries from Word, then use them across all applications.

It’s hard to believe such a robust utility is a freebie, but it’s true: PhraseExpress doesn’t cost a penny.

Here's wishing you a Good Boot.

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