Saturday, August 21, 2010

Windows Driver Updates Causing Problem

It goes without saying that updating Windows is an absolute priority. But novices should be aware of the updating choices they have.

A rule of thumb is that Windows ‘Important’ updates should always be expeditiously downloaded and installed.

Note: Installing updates automatically is the default recommended method. However I personally prefer to be notified when an update has been downloaded with the option to install it at my convenience.

To adjust your update settings click on your Start button, All Programs and Windows update. I suggest you request that you receive ‘updates’ the same way you receive ‘important updates’ and if you have other Microsoft products you select ‘Give me updates for Microsoft products’ and ‘Check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows’.

Other than cautioning you not to miss an ‘Important’ update, I have a heads up concerns driver updates that may be included in the ‘recommended’ Windows updates.

Recently Brian Barnes mentioned to me he has found that for whatever unknown reason driver updates offered by Windows update are causing so many problem he is advising his clients not to install them. Rather they should go to the hardware’s Web site to download driver updates. But before you update any driver I suggest you contact your technician

Another heads up: Recently several Good Booters ask me why their Internet Explorer seems to be slowing down particularly when opening New Tabs.

More often than not it’s because of the number of Internet Explorer add-ons that have intentionally or unintentionally been installed.

To view your IE add-ons and disable any of them click Tools and Manage Add-ons. In the panel you’ll see a column on the right called ‘Load time’. It’ll show how many seconds an enabled add-on is adding to the loading process.

Should you decide an add-on is unnecessary, click on the ‘All add-ons’ drop-down, select the add-on to disable, and click on the Disable button

Do not feel bad if you have unnecessary add-ons. Most of us in our haste to install a program fail to notice add-on checked check boxes. In fact in my haste to install a weather watcher upgrade I often fail to unchecked a check box and more often than not install its unwanted Internet search program add-on.

Fortunately IE anticipated that our add-ons might get out of hand and should they, provides a reset to IE’s default settings.

Click on Tools, Internet Options and the Advanced tab. Click Reset.

Here’s wishing you a Good Boot.

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