Saturday, August 21, 2010

Windows 7 Tutorials and Help

I’m not sure why of late I’ve been receiving so many requests from Good Booters seeking Windows 7 seminars. But I have and I’m sorry to say I know of no summer Windows 7 seminars.

However, I can recommend an excellent way for novices to become Windows 7 literate and a way for them to solve many of their specific Windows 7 problems.

But first I’ve a recommendation to those of you who are a bit beyond novice and do not need basic Windows 7 tutorials. All you may require to begin a successful Windows 7 adventure is a simple walkabout your Start Menu’s “Help and Support” offerings.

With each new Windows version, “Help and Support” has improved. And I can say without hesitation Windows 7's “Help and Support” is extraordinarily useful and in fact, almost intuitive. I’ll wager you’ll be able to find information on just about any subject and a solution for just about any problem.

And now for those who may need Windows 7 tutorials.

Know that Microsoft offers an outstanding variety of novice friendly video tutorials on just about any Windows 7 subject. You can access these tutorial videos by going directly to Microsoft’s Web site or by clicking on Start, Help and Support and either “What’s new in Windows 7" or “Getting started with Windows 7".

To tweak your curiosity and perhaps then your interest, let’s take a look at what “Getting started with Windows 7" offers.
1. The featured video is “Getting started with Windows 7" which can be viewed, saved or the guide printed.

Note: Because the play time of most of the videos is from 4 to 5+ minutes, you may find it more convenient to download the videos of interest and view them at your leisure.

2. In addition to and below the featured video are 6 tabs: Getting to know Windows 7 with 7 videos; Install, upgrade and activate with 5 videos; First-week checklist with 8 videos; Install programs with 6 videos; Set up hardware with 7 videos and Personalization with 7 videos.
3. There are also 5 additional noteworthy videos on the Getting Started page: Personalizing your PC, Using e-mail and the Internet, Finding your files, Sharing files with HomeGroup and Changing Windows settings.

I truly believe you’ll be impressed with the variety and quality of the “How To” videos. In fact in my opinion, most experienced former XP users and just about all former Vista users will find them an appropriate substitute for a Windows 7 seminar.

Here’s wishing you a Good Boot.

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