Wednesday, June 16, 2010

About Windows 7 libraries

Before I present an extraordinary Windows 7 feature, I want to mention a topic that should be of interest to all users.

With the advent of inexpensive external hard drives many users are now using them to offload their photo and/or music collections. However using only one external drive to permanently off load their irreplaceable data is fraught with danger.

Keep in mind an external hard drive is nothing more than a spinning hard disc in a protective cover. It’s subject to all the hazards normally associated with an internal hard drive. If you’re going to use an external hard drive to permanently offload irreplaceable data, I recommend duplicating your offload onto two external hard drives.

Okay, on to Windows 7 and one of its most useful features. Adding the location of an external hard drive folder to a current Windows 7 Library.

Although this feature is available to add a folder location to any default Windows 7 Library or any Library you create, this tutorial will focus on adding an external hard drive Pictures folder to Windows 7's default Pictures Library.

I suggest you create a master Pictures folder on your external hard drive, with subfolders for your particular individual photo organizations.

1. Click Start and right click on Start Menu Pictures or click on the Explorer icon on our Toolbar and right click on the Pictures Library.
2. Click Properties.
3. On the Pictures properties window click Include a Folder.
4. On Include Folder in Pictures window scroll down to Computer and click on your external hard drive.
5. Click on to highlight the Pictures folder (or whatever you named it) you created on your external hard drive.
6. Click Include a folder.
7. When the folder appears in the Pictures Properties Window, click Apply and OK.

Now when you click on your Start Menu Pictures tab or your Explorer Toolbar icon and then your Pictures Library, all your hard drive and external hard drive photos will be available to view, edit and manipulate.

To change a library’s default “save” location. Where an item will be stored when you copy, move, save and download a file to a Library.
1. Right click to open the Library you'd like to change.
2. In the Library pane (above the file list) next to Includes, click Locations.
3. In the Library Locations dialog box, right-click a library location that’s not currently the default save location.
4. Click Set as default save location and then click OK.

Here’s wishing you a Good Boot.

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