Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't forget a tuneup by a good techie

You may recall that a while ago I recommended my favorite backup software - Second Copy ( 

Based on that recommendation Jane of Parker Lakes downloaded and installed Second Copy. Unfortunately her first   download was not the appropriate version. So she purchased, downloaded and installed the appropriate version. But did so without uninstalling the inappropriate version.

When she called me she was experiencing one version opening properly and the other nagging her to purchase the program.

Being in a holiday frame of mind and Jane’s residence is just across Summerlin Road from Laguna Lakes, I volunteered to drop by and try to make things right.

But oh my, what a mess I discovered! Her laptop was in complete disarray.

I’ll not describe the chaos in detail other than to say having two installed versions of Second Copy was the least of her problems. Let’s just say the combination of a well meaning muck it up mack and never having a computer tune up put her laptop a boot away from the Blue Screen of Death.

Some of her problems were so obvious even I an unqualified technician was prepared to offer a helping hand. That is until she mentioned she had 10 years of non backed up genealogy data on her laptop. 

Needless to say the thought of possibly corrupting 10 years of genealogy data abruptly ended my amateur technician session. 

Discretion being the better part of valor, I recommended Jane contact a qualified technician as soon as possible rather than rely on a computer columnist to keep the “Blue Screen” away.

The point of this vignette is to remind Good Booters their 2009 New Year list of resolutions should include a computer tune up by a qualified technician and a dedicated backup regimen of their irreplaceable Stuff.

I know many computing curmudgeons convinced their immune from the Blue Screen of Death will blow off this reminder with a “I wondered when Winchell would get around to his ludicrous annual New Years resolution nag”. But I’d rather have a few know it alls ignore my reminder than having to e-mail condolences to devastated Good Boot procrastinators.

And besides a thorough tune up may be the rejuvenation your computer needs to delay the cost of a new computer.

By the way Jane e-mailed me from Vermont where she’s spending the holidays thanking me for my advice and the peace of mind her technician provided.

Here’s wishing you a Good Boot.

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