Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eliminate the Hassle - Use Second Copy to Backup

In this, Part 7 of our Backing Up adventure, I’ll discuss an excellent 3rd Party backup software program.

But first let me explain why I suggest you consider a 3rd Part program to back up your irreplaceable "Stuff" rather than doing it manually.

As I mentioned last week, an Exact copy backup can be a hassle for a novice. And doing both a Simple and an Exact Copy backup (my personal recommendation) can be a hassle and extraordinarily time consuming.

But there’s a third reason.

If XPers have maintained a ridged regime of accumulating all their irreplaceable "Stuff" in their My Documents and its sub folders My Pictures, My Videos and My Music, they have the luxury of having to backup only My Documents to secure all their data.

Vista Users on the other hand must be sure to backup their Documents folder as well as their Pictures, Videos, Music and Downloads folders, as they’re not sub folders of Documents.

This is why I recommend Second Copy. It’s user friendly, inexpensive ($29.95) and most important, just about as flexible as a back up program could possibly be.

Let’s say you decide to backup your XP My Documents and all its subdirectories and Vista’s individual folders Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music and Downloads folders as both a Simple Copy (which provides an on going archive of all your data) and an Exact Copy of all your data.

First you simply create an XP My Documents Exact folder and an XP My Documents Archive folder or a Vista Documents Exact folder and an Vista Archive folder on your External Hard Drive.

When you open Second Copy all you have to do is click on New Profile, Custom Setup and using the Wizard select What you want to copy from where, Where you want to copy it and How to copy it (Exact or Simple).

Obvious I cannot provide all the alternative ways to copy your data, but if you go to: and take its tour, I know you’ll be impressed at how easy it is to set up an XP or Vista backup regimen.

In fact if you have a couple of hours Saturday April 12th, I’m going to dedicate my seminar to backing up both Vista and XP using Second Copy. If you are interested, e-mail me for information.

This Good Boot concludes my Backing Up series. If you missed one, go to:

Here's wishing you a Good Boot

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