Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A "First Law of Windows" Nag

Most seasoned Good Booter’s know I can be an insufferable nag about the consequences of breaking David Keller’s (a.k.a. Compu-Doctor) "First Law of Windows".

That if you’re a novice you should never delete, rename or move any file you personally did not; create yourself using a program’s "Save" or "Save As..." command, download from a digital camera or receive as an e-mail.

And I will continue to nag negligent novices, because if they break this law Windows will punish them. Punishment for a felony can be the Blue Screen of Death. For a misdemeanor, confusion and frustration.

If you’re one of the many who have e-mailed me lamenting the loss of their cute little My Pictures, My Music and My Video folder icons (Pictures, Music and Video icons in Vista), know it’s because you disobeyed David’s First Law of Windows and are being punished.

You or whomever you blame when things go awry on you computer either deleted or moved the "Desktop.ini" system file in those folders. And because they’re system folders you cannot easily restore their default icons or for that matter, substitute an alternate icon.

Note: When you right click on a System Folder and select "Properties" , unlike your other folders there’s no option to "Customize the Folder".

Although deleting a "Desktop.ini" file is considered a misdemeanor, the fact you’ve overtly exposed your System Files and Folders, may in the future result in a felony.

By default Windows hides System Files and Folders from novices to insure they’ll not be deleted, moved or renamed.

If they’re not hidden, it means someone has purposely clicked "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and cleared the "Hide Protected Operating System Files" check box in their Control Panel’s, Folder Options.

Windows will also slap the wrist of those who because they mistakenly believe the little "Thumbs.db" system files in their photo folders have no value, delete them.
Windows’ punishment for this misdemeanor is confusion and frustration.

Windows created this little data base file to facilitate an expeditious by default presentation of photos in "Thumbnail View" in My Pictures (Pictures in Vista) and folders you’ve set to be viewed in "Thumbnail View".

And because Windows takes umbrage with arrogant or uninformed efforts to thwart its good intentions, it’ll re create the file as often as you delete it!

If you’re a novice and have access to your System Files and Folders, best you obey the First Law of Windows.

Here’s wishing you a Good Boot.

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